Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Enough Clothes for 2010/2011

I called Kim today because I haven't talked to her in about 2 weeks and I was just missing her. She thanked me for the clothes I sent for her son Peter last week. Pau delivered them for me. She said, "Because of Jen we have ENOUGH clothes for 2010 and 2011. We have have enough clothes for spring, summer, winter. We have soooo many clothes." She kept saying that she had many, many clothes now for everyone in her family. I laughed because I have never heard anyone say that they had enough clothes for the next year too. She said, "Jen, in my country we had 3 sets of clothes. When they were dirty we'd wash them and wear them again. But then I come to America and Jen gives me sooo many many clothes. Thank you, God bless you, but we don't need more clothes!"

Friday, December 3, 2010

Danelle & Yvonne Funnies

Yesterday Danelle picked up Yvonne to clean a church. Danelle is a beautiful, skinny friend of mine. Yvonne is becoming a favorite African refugee of ours. As they were on their way Yvonne asked Danelle if she had a boyfriend. Danelle said no. Then Yvonne started touching Danelle's stomach. Danelle of course was like what are you doing? Yvonne said, "See you DO have a boyfriend. You weren't ticklish when I touched your stomach so you are used to having your boyfriend touch you there." Ha! Danelle said, "No really, I don't have a boyfriend!" Danelle is still getting a good laugh from this story!

The adventure didn't stop there. After Danelle was done cleaning the church she went outside and Yvonne was in the bathroom and she thought Yvonne would come out as soon as she was finished. But after a period of time Yvonne wasn't coming outside and the door to the church was locked so Danelle started peeking in all the windows of the church to spot Yvonne. Finally she spotted her walking out of the front door so she walked around to the front of the door and started to say "Hey, I...." Yvonne screamed and ran away. After a few minutes Yvonne realized it was Danelle and they had a good laugh.

Ah, funny things happen when our cultures mix!