Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Givers Gain

The motto of the networking club I'm in, BNI, is "givers gain". No matter how much I give to the refugees I get back so much more and tonight was just one small example of that.

Ali is a boisterous Iraqi man who lives in Columbia. I love to imitate him because he is so wonderfully happy and enthusiastic. (Just ask me some time to give you my imitation!) He called me tonight because he and his wife were thinking of me. They both cleaned for Safi Sana this past year and it had been awhile since I had seen them.

I visited their new Habitat for Humanity home. I saw it this summer right before they moved in but they have since done a lot of work on it. It really is the neatest Habitat home I have ever seen. They turned their carport into an enclosed family room and made their yard into an oasis with swings, patio furniture, and a decorative well. They also saved and spent money buying very nice furniture for the inside of the home. I was genuinely impressed! Shurok has an amazing eye for decorating!

I told Ali and his family that our family was moving. He said "I will take that day off and I will come help you. I will come at 8:00am and I will help you move boxes in my van all day." My heart melted. Recently I heard a quote from Mark Driscoll, the pastor from Mars Hill Seattle, say you know who your friends are when you move. So for Ali to say he would spend all day helping us and even take the day off was so kind.

I don't get paid to do what I do but I am a very rich woman in friendship because of it.

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