Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kim's Tears

Every now and then I feel like I'm in a movie. Tonight was no exception.

I didn't have a good feeling today when Kim called me today to set up a meeting. Kim is everyone's favorite person to clean with. Her smile and laughter are infectious. I'm pretty sure I laugh every time I talk to her. And she cleans so well. I never have to worry about anyone calling me to complain when Kim cleans because she is always good which is so nice for me as her boss.

Ever since she called I've been full of anxiety and my fears were realized when she came over tonight and shared with me a letter from Missouri Department of Social Services stating the department gave Kim and her husband Kam too many food stamps and thus they owed them $1,901. This is more money than they make in a month, so can you imagine what a horrible day that must have been to get the letter? Kim told me that Sherryl Laws tried to get the department to reduce the amount, but to no avail. Kim explained that they have been paying $100 each month since April but in order to keep receiving food stamps she has to quit working for Safi Sana until her husband can get a better job and they can completely get out of using food stamps.

I understood that there was nothing I could do about Kim working for me until Kam got a better job. So, can you pray please that he does? Kim said that he is interviewing at Kelley Services and if he gets the job they will be able to make enough money where they won't need food stamps and she can come back to work . (She said if I would have her...well of course!) Will you pray he gets the job? Please Jesus...

As she said goodbye to me I pulled out a check written to the amount she still owed MO Dept of Social Services...$1,101 We couldn't let this story end badly completely, now could we? I had been wanting to give my non-profit some money any way and this was definitely a situation close to my heart. As I handed the check to Kim she ran out of my front door down the steps and said, "No!" I ran after her into the driveway where she stopped and I was able to stuff it in her pocket. She said, "No, you've been so nice and I will never forget you." Large tears began to roll down her face. I had never seen her cry. I said, "It's a gift from Safi Sana and City of Refuge." She was still sad and didn't want me to see her sad but her her husband wasn't in the driveway with the car. She said that Peter was crying (her 18 month-old) so Kam was probably driving around the neighborhood. I wanted to stay with her outside but her heart was heavy and she told me to go inside because I was tired. I watched out the window as she walked down the street.

Ah, so sad.

I pray that God will bless my friend.

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  1. My heart is heavy for Kim and Kam and for Safi Sana. I will be praying!