Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Visiting Yvonne Tomorrow/Garage Sale

Tomorrow is Yvonne's court date for her charge of public nudity. (She was bathing in Bear Creek.) I wrote a letter on her behalf to the prosecuting attorney's office. (That was a first for me!) Caritas, Mary Kate, and I are headed to the jail in the morning to visit her. I'll let you know how that goes.

We are having a big garage sale for City of Refuge on Saturday. We are hoping to raise $500. So, why have a garage sale? City of Refuge completely relies on private donations. At this point, no church, federal, or state program donates money to help us help refugees. So, we need money to help pay for Caritas Habimana's salary that we give her for her daily work with the refugees. And we need money to help pay for the ongoing needs of the refugees. So, that's why we are having a sale. We are so thankful for all the items that have been donated so far. If you have anything to give, you can still do so on Thursday May 5 or Friday May 6. The items can be brought to 1408 Waterford. Since we are a 501c3, all donations are tax deductible. Come donate or shop for a good cause!

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