Sunday, May 1, 2011

Yvonne Update & Fund Raising

Well, sad news. Yvonne is in jail for having a fire in a part of the city where you shouldn't make a fire. So in our jail tonight sits Yvonne along with people who have committed worse crimes. If Yvonne posted bond she could go "home" but she doesn't have the $500 she needs to post bond. I asked a friend of mine recently who is a Columbia Police Officer if it's better for Yvonne to be in jail since she is not sleeping under a bridge, but he said no. He said the jail is not a place that anyone wants to be because of the dangerous people who reside there. So of course I have questions that I'm wondering about. Should I contact the sheriff and see if Yvonne can be forced to get help from us and get off the street? Will the sheriff work with us? Will Yvonne be willing to be helped? My next step is to go and visit Yvonne with Caritas on Thursday morning. If you want to come too, let me know. Visiting hours are from 8:45am - 9:45am. I want to see if Yvonne wants help or if she wants to stay in jail. She's not always in her right mind, so it's a legit question.

We did have exciting news this week! Kyrsten Skulborstad, a great friend of mine, worked with some journalism students and made us a couple of videos:

City of Refuge: Humble Beginnings. Big Hearts. [Extended]

City of Refuge: Humble Beginnings. Big Hearts. [Shortened]

From Refugee to Scholar: Etienne's Story

Our greatest need right now with City of Refuge is getting known and getting support so we can help the refugees. One of the videos features Caritas Habimana and we pay Caritas a monthly stipend so she can continue working with the refugees. Her monthly stipend is small really for all she does. Help support Caritas by supporting City of Refuge.

We are having a garage sale on Friday and Saturday to raise funds for City of Refuge. If you have items you can donate, email us at

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